History showed: a TIDAL masterpiece rarely changes its owner. And if, then to go up the food chain within our portfolio. In that case we offer TIDAL approved pre-owned masterpieces, which one can find here as a central data base from TIDAL clients from all over the world.

TIDAL does take care about all pre-owned masterpieces, does check it perfectly and even re-polish the cabinets to have it passed to our internal check-up's and latest updates. Then the speaker does get our TIDAL APPROVED official signet and comes with a new warranty for the next user. All occasions would be handled either directly with the owner/seller or - if this is being wished from the client and/or the seller/owner thru our service in between the parties.

Please find afterwards currently available pre-loved occasions. Reviews etc. of all listed masterpieces could be found in our NEWS section.



Current occasions

  • 1 pair TIDAL Sunray (generation 1, produced 2003-2013), pyramided mahogany, silver crossover, built/delivered: 2010. Price on request.
  • 1 pair TIDAL Impact Monobloc (produced from 2007-2012), built/delivered: 2010. Price on request.
  • Please feel free to contact us at: contact@tidal-audio.com