Park Aveny HighEnd Show in Göteborg

TIDAL was exhibiting at the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival: Piano Cera, Preos & Impact
1. October 2011
Review of the TIDAL Sunray
1. November 2011

Park Aveny HighEnd Show in Göteborg

The TIDAL Sunray was one of the 'headliner' at this years Park Aveny High End Show in Göteborg. It was displayed fully active with 2 x Burmester 911 power amps, TIDAL Preos preamplifier and the TIDAL LPX active crossover.

"...What struck me first was, this is a sublime sculpture, big yes but still elegant and fit'n finish to die for. Extreeeemly good looking.

"The sound was very good and sophisticated, I think there is some time to get used to these speakers, beacuse you can't tell were the sound came from, it's just there....
I understand more now what you mean about these speakers or music messenger. 

Especially the bass were like nothing else. Spread all ower the room with very litle bass-modes. The soundstage was big and pointing out the musicians thruthfully in shape and hight. (without any oversizing)."
Another setup was the TIDAL Contriva Diacera, all driven by Accuphase electronics.