In a time where power amplifiers using whatsoever innovative claimed class-D amplifier technology and power switching supplies and getting rather smaller than bigger, TIDAL does release a power amplifier which has for sure dominant dimensions, a whopping weight and seems not to go hand in hand with this trend. So why does a company being able to design and build anytime the latest trend can think of such a product? 

Simple: we do not care about trends, all that matters is results. And for that we use what it takes without any paradigms. The result we have accomplished is beyond the try to get an idea out of provided specifications, data and used technologies. Silence. Finesse. Breathtaking. Endless control. Music in its true beauty.



Here we will show the essential and unique details of the TIDAL ASSOLUTA MONOBLOC in words and pictures, please have a little bit patience: 

1st of June 2016.



  • Unique Linear-Power-Supply for both the current and voltage section, means the Assoluta Monobloc has “an internal amplifier for the amplifier itself”. The overall capacity per channel is more than 330.000 µF
  • The Assoluta Monobloc uses a special 3-transformer design with magnet-field compensation and perfectly even temperature control between all the three transformers
  • The transformers are double-shielded and mechanically completely decoupled and use a very high AWG in the secondary output circle
  • Every main transformer (so 3 in total) uses an unique surface polished pure silver hollow-conductor EMV filter transformer in a resonant dampened cabinet to control each main transformer for lowest interference
  • The Assoluta Monobloc is designed to run it as mighty 2 or even 3 channel power amp tower: the whole temperature management and mechanical statics is designed to carry one or even two more Assoluta Monobloc on top of it for active amping the La Assoluta, T1, Sunray or Agoria. This way one can run 1 or 2 or 3 channels per side with most spectacular design and short cables to the speakers
  • In-house made unique 4-times Multilayer PCB boards with 4 x 105 µF layers
  • Unique press-fit power connection and binding post connection in CWT (cold-welding-technology) for lowest resistance and ultra stable contact 
  • No plug-in-contacts in the signal way, TIDAL’s proprietary APM system (amplifier protection management) is completely out of the signal way, means without any kind of relay etc. in the signal way it controls all parameters such as electrical short-cut, temperature etc.
  • The APM uses a completely separated and isolated transformer and works completely autarkic from any of the signal section
  • Surface polished pure silver hollow-conductor cable from press-fit contact of the PCB-board to the pure silver binding post speaker output
  • Ultralow impedance capacitors directly at the transistors for the most shortest connection between it
  • Sequential daisy-chaining remote on/off for up to 6 power amps in total
  • No coupling-capacitors in the signal way

  • Weight without packaging, per piece 85 Kg / 188 lbs.
  • Length, Width, Height 60cm x 44cm x 32,5cm / 23,6” x 17,3” x 12,3”
  • Power at 8 / 4 / 2 Ohm (rated) 370 W / 760 W / > 1.200 W
  • Power at 8 / 4 / 2 Ohm (Impulse) 700 W / 1.300 W / > 1.900 W
  • Power supply 3 x 800 VA transformers (2.400 VA)
  • Linear-Power-Supply 1 x 2.000 VA
  • Bandwidth (with full load) more than 500.000 Hz
  • Distortions 25W/4Ohm below 0,01%
  • Distortions -1dB below max. power below 0,08%