History showed: a TIDAL masterpiece rarely changes its owner. And if, then only to go up the food chain within our portfolio. In that case we offer TIDAL approved pre-owned masterpieces, which one can find here as a central market base from TIDAL clients from all over the world.
All occasions would be handled either directly between the seller and the buyer. Or thru our service in between the parties, depending on how the seller and/or buyer likes to handle it. We do offer to receive the masterpiece which shall be sold here, to check it all technically and offer to repolish it. After passing the technical test it could be signed as TIDAL APPROVED and TIDAL could organize shipping then for the new owner.

Please find afterwards currently available pre-loved occasions. Reviews etc. of all listed masterpieces could be found in our NEWS section.


Current occasions 

Currently there are no TIDAL approved masterpieces listed.