We have pushed the concept of the Impulse stereo power amplifier to its extreme and developed an all new 1.600 VA power supply with a true power regulation. Thus, the TIDAL Ferios mono amplifier board is certain for all practical means and purposes to be supplied with never failing power reserves and a lavish feed of clean current that will drive every imaginable speaker with ease.

The generous supply of additional power is merely a welcome byproduct, really. The real goal was the absolute relaxation with which the Ferios performs, to the extent where any attempted description of sound attributes becomes meaningless. The Ferios is quite simply benchmark with regard to amplification in this size.



At TIDAL specifications and specialties are in the end of the day only single aspects to form a complete result out of it. And such thing could not be brought down to single parts or numbers. This would be like making conclusions of the wine by eating the grape the wine was made from. But afterwards one can find some details to give at least some small background informations.

Hearing is believing.


  • true mono reference power amplifier with linear power supply

  • pure silver hollow conductor EMI transformers
  • regulated active power supply with 2 x 800VA non-noise toriod transformers, completetly magnetical shielded and mechanical decoupled

  • linear voltage power supply for ripple-free voltage and current stabilization for the two amplifier modules

  • 410.000 µF stabilisation capacity, ultra fast response with high-grade-long-life-capacitors

  • elimination of deleterious resonances by all massive aluminum parts and braces inside, excellent torsional and longitudinal rigidity

  • in-house made multilayer PCB (printed circuit board) with 105 µm copper per layer

  • hand selected transistors, measured and matched with a precision better than 1%

  • DC-coupled input circuit, without coupling capacitors or relay in the signal path from the input to the output

  • ultralow impedance capacitors directly at the transistors for most shortest connection

  • TIDAL proprietary APM system (amplifier protection management) is completely outside of the signal path

  • TIDAL APM System is an isolated and completely autarkic system to manage and control the power amps safety: output current in relation to output-voltage, short circuit current, DC- offset, under-voltage and over-voltage

  • optional: fully autarcic working active crossover LPX-monomodule for active amping to control the bass section of TIDAL reference speakers, perfectly matched in phase and frequency, different frequencies and level adjustable to trim bass response perfectly to each room and/or taste

  • intelligent softstart system, remote power on/off by TIDAL pre amplifiers via RJ45 ethernet cable

  • rated power output at 8 ohm: 1 x 300 watts continuous rms power

  • rated power output at 4 ohm: 1 x 580 watts continuous rms power

  • rated power output at 2 ohm: 1 x > 700 watts continuous rms power

  • bandwith: 1Hz - 400 kHz (-3 dB), measured with impedance load

  • dimensions: W17.3" x H12.4" x D17,3" / W44 cm x H31 cm x D40 cm

  • power consumption: < 1 W in stand-by mode

  • damping factor: ideal damping factor for life like music reproduction, perfectly even over the whole spectrum

  • weight: 49 Kg / 109 lbs. (packaging excluded)