At TIDAL technology itself is always a means to an end. No deployment of technology, no application of any constituent part will ever be marketing inspired. Technology for TIDAL is just a tool for the presentation of music, to be the most realistic. Therefore with one of our masterpieces or complete TIDAL systems one will never hear the used parts or technology. Instead, all of those together merely interact as an invisible conduit that conveys the message of the music whilst perfectly preserving its original sonic fingerprint.

Similar to a an exquisite mechanical wrist watch, only the seamless interaction of our three elements allows the creation of a TIDAL masterpiece: state of the art engineering and technology, the very best components and ultra precise manufacturing.
And there is one more, the passion and desire to create something extraordinary, something second to none. No matter it is our cabinets, the drivers and all the other selected components we do use: one can be sure it is the benchmark in its field.