The TIDAL Contros is designed to be the perfect digital music content controller for TIDAL high-end systems. This is the first TIDAL masterpiece directly benefitting from the ultra-exclusive TIDAL for Bugatti project and its MC-1 controller as basically a synergy-scaled version.

The TIDAL Contros combines core technologies from the Camira, Arkas and Prisma within one cabinet. All it needs is power, ethernet, then connection to a power amp and it’s ready to perform at TIDAL reference level, to simplify the listening experience without compromising.


  • TIDAL Contros: volume controlled digital-to-music converter with streaming unit and 4 digital inputs
  • pure discrete designed 32-bit non-oversampling 8xR2R ladder DAC without pre-ringing and post-ringing
  • lossless volume control: the signal output level is directly adjusted inside the ladder DAC - via a galvanically separated potentiometer from the outside (motor driven to be remote controlled as well)
  • proprietary ASRT² Analog Signal Remediation Technology: Field Programmable Gate Array for most precise timing correlation between left and right channel incl. timing correction and audio signal remediation processing (target-interpolation TIDAL algorithm)
  • every function-module in the TIDAL Contros has its own voltage supply, separated for each channel, left and right, such as for the amplification, the DAC, the PCM-unit, the streaming module and other parts. All together 22 ultra low noise voltage supplies
  • 3 x low noise ring-core transformers with foil-shielding to avoid interference current between primary/analogue/digital-audio
  • overall capacity >300.000µF with 180 ultra fast charging organic capacitors
  • copper-silver cable with 3 layers constrained damping shielding (power input to transformers - the only cabling inside)
  • 3 x SPDIF in: coaxial RCA, AES XLR, optical
  • 1 x proprietary TIDAL-link input interface with high speed low voltage differential signal driver/receiver: for TIDAL Arkas streamer and TIDAL devices to come in the near future
  • 0,01% tolerance precision resistors, ultralow-ESR organic capacitors
  • femto clock ultra-low noise oscillator (-169 dB)
  • fully discrete Class-A output amplifier, balanced output concept without any sound-changing inverted signal generation (like with transformer outputs)
  • music data streaming input: LAN ethernet (1000 BASE-T), USB storage/hard disk (single partition FAT32, NTFS, exFAT, EXT2/3)
  • multi clock system for utmost precision in timing, MQA decoding, DSD over PCM support
  • UPnP AV protocol with audio streaming extension, gapless playback
  • supported formats: DSF (DSD), DFF (DSD), DoP (DSD), FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, MQA, MP3, AAC (M4A)
  • native support for Tidal music streaming, Qobuz music streaming, MQA, Apple AirPlay, TuneIn internet radio, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect music streaming
  • Dimensions: 44cm x 13cm x 39cm / 17.3" x 5.1" x 15.3" (width x height x length)
  • Weight: 36 lbs. / 16,6 kg