More than two decades after founding TIDAL-Audio in the year 1999 we start herewith a new chapter in our successful journey. We are proud to share our newly established multi-year partnership with one of the most prestigious brands in the luxury and technology segment in the market - worldwide famous for performance and exclusivity in its own stratospheric heights: BUGATTI.
Both companies are united in a shared philosophy - to strive for perfection without limits in order to perform with exceptional effort and uncompromising spirit.

This cooperation and project are a significant quantum step up from everything we have built before, designed to establish in every possible way a new category of music systems for  your home. Expressed in immaculate execution in every little detail and embossed in a polished stainless-steel plaque on all these masterpieces with an engraving as simple as it explains it all perfectly: TIDAL for BUGATTI. A piece of art on its own which takes it timeless spot in your living environment as an unique center of gravity bringing joy to all your senses for many years to come.

The Bugatti of home audio.

The first TIDAL for BUGATTI masterpiece is the ROYALE series. A name not just given lightheaded, since not only it reflects one of the most prestigious models in the BUGATTI heritage and product history. Also for us it means it is ‘the crown jewel’ of everything we achieved so far, compressing and repackaging all our famous merits - sound, design and finish at state-of-the-art level – in such a high density that we classify it a game changer without hesitating.
Initiated with a strong fascination for BUGATTI we followed this inspiration for this project with the same mindset to create something unique in balance between art, craftsmanship, technology and performance and transported it together with BUGATTI into our competence field to build no less than a game changer for ears, eyes and hands.
And this excitement and personal promise formed the strong fundament for this project and alliance: TIDAL for BUGATTI. What can be noticed and experienced is quite simple: a visual promise of a breathtaking performance that is built within and unfolds to unmatched levels when unleashed - just like the unique experience of the hyper car.



Another choice are the metal parts, divided in three groups: aluminum, stainless-steel and precious metal designs. Either velvet glass-pearl blasted, brushed or structured, silver, grey or dark and all colors in between – the aluminum package offers almost endless possibilities.
Stainless-steel on the other hand is what TIDAL became famous for to execute onto a level beyond every chrome plating. What one sees is what one gets – the real rare material ingredient itself. And it is also the base for all precious metal platings such as gold or rose-gold for example.
Needless to say that side grills also can be individualized into every them, such as the front-plate could be selected in mentioned metals, carbon fiber or leather.

  • TIDAL for BUGATTI Royale: 4-way hybrid-active multichannel powered loudspeaker with 100% analogue signal paths
  • 3D-shaped multi chamber monocoque cabinet (MONOCOQUE) and dual-shell cabinet (DUOTONE) made out of TIDAL's proprietary cabinet material TIRALIT™
  • 1 x 30 mm high efficiency diamond tweeter
  • 1 x 127 mm high efficiency ceramic midrange driver or 1 x 127 mm high efficiency diamond midrange-woofer (performance upgrade)
  • 2 x 170 mm front woofers with aluminum-magnesium alloy diaphragm
  • 4 x 265 mm long throw subwoofers with aluminum diaphragm, impulse compensation, closed box bass enclosure
  • Connection inputs: LAN, XLR, power cord input
  • Adjustments: deep frequency (tone / level / placement)
  • Speaker dimensions and weight: 144 cm x 28 cm x 60 cm. 2 x 160 Kg (without packaging)
  • TIDAL for BUGATTI “Royale MC-1”
  • fully discrete digital to music converter (DMC™)
  • lossless volume control
  • individual choices of the metal cabinet (colours and finishes)
  • individual choices of the top cover inlay and side panel inlays (metals, carbon fiber, leather, colours)
  • controlled via remote control and iOS devices
  • Sources: internal streamer (upgradeable) or digital in via Toslink, BNC, RCA, AES, USB
  • Streaming content via USB, DNLA network, Airplay, and music streaming services
  • dimensions and weight: 46 cm x 42 cm x 12 cm
  • 1 x 28 Kg (without packaging)

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The Bugatti logo and Bugatti wordmark are trademarks of Bugatti International S.A. and are used under license.