The all-new TIDAL Sunray (G3). For more than two decades, the Sunray has been renowned as the world's first reference speaker equipped with diamond and ceramic driver technology. Tall, elegant, and powerful, it remains a bold and unique statement, both then and now. Positioned perfectly between the TIDAL Akira and TIDAL La Assoluta, the Sunray captures the essence of both and does become something extra ordinary.

The new Sunray features completely new proprietary speaker drivers with, incorporating directly coupled passive radiators tuned in cascaded frequencies to deliver an extremely  fast and deep bass. Frequencies above 300 Hz are reproduced using pure diamond diaphragms, while those below 300 Hz are reproduced by our signature black ceramic technology and aluminum-hexacone diaphragms.

As with every TIDAL masterpiece, the exceptional quality stems not just from advanced technology and premium components, but from meticulous construction, profound expertise, and a passion for detail that sets TIDAL apart from anything else on the market.



  • TIDAL Sunray (G3 – third Generation), dynamic 4-way loudspeaker
  • 3 modules, multi chamber cabinet, made of TIDAL's proprietary cabinet material TIRALIT
  • 1 x exclusive 30mm Gen3 diamond tweeter with neodymium motor
  • 1 x exclusive 126mm Gen2 diamond diaphragm midrange woofer with neodymium under-hang motor
  • 1 x exclusive 170mm Gen3 black ceramic midrange with neodymium under-hang motor
  • 6 x exclusive 192mm aluminum-hexacone sandwich woofers with long excursion motor
  • stainless steel driver-isoplate, mechanically decoupled from the cabinet
  • TIDAL uno-pulse crossover with lowest tolerance components, micro phonically and hermetically isolated in separated chamber
  • TIDAL isolation frame  with isolation footers, made of stainless-steel, high gloss polished
  • cabinet finish: original TIDAL piano lacquer in midnight black and hand selected veneers in original TIDAL transparent piano lacquer
  • nominal power handling: 150 / 300 VA, minimal impedance: 4.2 Ohm, recommended power amplifier: > 30 watt.
  • 2 x 320 Kg weight (without packaging)
  • speaker dimensions: 208 cm x 33 cm x 60 cm