At the very heart of every loudspeaker, the drivers are of crucial importance to TIDAL. With ACCUTON we do manufacture drivers after our individual requirements, unique products for exclusive use by TIDAL. The decisive factor in our selection of a driver is its coherent behaviour with the cabinet and the crossover filter in the finished loudspeaker.
So when we claim for ourselves to assemble the best speaker drivers, then, we self-evidently either select chassis that are without alternative for their precise purpose or we order custom-built ones to suit our specific requirements - absolutely regardless of cost considerations. Unique in every aspect anyway.


TIDAL masterpieces are famous for being equipped with pure diamond drivers for the most crystal clear sound. And with it we mean really pure diamond, the   hardest material on earth. Well, we have to admit that diamond drivers in general are not exactly a sensation itself, since there are plenty available, mostly smaller dome tweeter, and even in price ranges way below where TIDAL masterpieces start. But like the quality of jewelry diamonds is separated in cut, color, clarity and carat, and therefore do make tremendous differences, it is the very same with diamond speaker drivers in terms of quality. We can proudly say to use the most extreme quality and most expensive diamond diaphragms on the market.

For example TIDAL was the first manufacturer worldwide using a 1 carat 30mm driver, already more than 13 years ago. And since 2015 we have another milestone: the worlds only pure diamond diaphragm midrange-woofer, also to find only in a TIDAL speaker. Or to say so, the biggest diamond driver in the world. At all. A 13 carat driver, covering frequencies from the upper bass all the way up into the midrange area. And we think THAT is a sensation.



Our woofers and midrange-woofers do feature our famous BCC diaphragm made out of  very light and yet stiff ceramic. These drivers are to find only in TIDAL loudspeakers. This material behaves like a perfect pistons for moving air, and on top of that they are light as a feather. For our subwoofers we use deep black 3D-shaped honeycomb-sandwich diaphragms, which are perfect for the bass and sub bass reproduction. It is  designed to move a tremendous amount of air with very big excursion without being bent and with lowest distortions.

But not only the diaphragm itself is unique, also all the details such as the driver-basket, voicecoil, magnet and motor geometry is specifically designed for the cabinet construction of each type. Consequently, it is an invalid assumption that our speakers will sound like other constructions that happen to feature same or similar materials. TIDAL loudspeaker drivers are truly State-of-the-art and inimitable in every respect.