Review of the TIDAL Piano Diacera in the magazin ‘hifi & records’ (issue 1 / 2011)

The TIDAL Piano Cera has been chosen “Product of the Year 2011”
1. April 2011
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1. April 2011

Review of the TIDAL Piano Diacera in the magazin ‘hifi & records’ (issue 1 / 2011)

The renowned German magazine "hifi & records" have reviewed the TIDAL Piano Diacera. In their review the TIDAL Sunray plays an important part as well. The review entitled "Lupenrein" (meaning 'flawless' with reference to a diamond…) will be published in its entirety on our website soon; to whet the appetite, following are a few excerpts:

" ... Janczak completely indulges in his dream of creating the perfect speaker. Nothing embodies that passion as much as the Sunray does. I take a seat in the demonstration room and simply hear music. 
The most amazing thing is the homogeneity of the Sunray's performance devoid of even the slightest trace of strain. It sounded like the perfect two-way monitor, only without any trace of compression and with substantial and deep bass that, on the other hand, leapt from the speakers fast and as light as a feather. 

… To build the finest speaker systems in the world: Janczak is perfectly serious about his quest. And, he's not just talking big, indeed I wonder whether he's not reached that supreme goal already with the Sunray. …In fact, one cannot grasp the "sound" of the Piano Diacera, let alone try to describe it. 
It is the perfect reproducer, communicator, message carrier: whatever is fed into the speaker is projected 1:1 into the listening room.

… Conclusion: I have never heard any speaker that reproduces music any more clean, homogeneous, intact or open than the Sunray - this is under each and every aspect an uncompromising component that also invites and enables the listener to learn. 
What about the Piano Diacera, then? Truly, it should be compared with nothing else but its illustrious next of kin. If the rest of the system is up to the task, the Piano Diacera projects any recording session completely unfettered into the listening room. 
Unquestionably, an exceptional speaker." 

(The full review you can read it of the page of the Piano Diacera itself.)