Before the result is getting emotional, it is getting technological when we design things: to obtain the most realistic performance, our loudspeakers must master a lot of technological parameters, such as fast step response, linear spectral decay and minimal post signal reverberation, just to name only a few. Supported with the most modern CAD simulation software TIDAL does master crossover topology design at reference level. Everything else would betray either superficial knowledge, marketing gimmicks or a questionable individual philosophy of musical truthfulness. Therefore the topology of our crossover designs itself only does rule the next step: designing and building the absolutely best parts for it. Either mounted on in-house made multilayer PCB boards or on to poly-shell boards for the TIDAL ultra series.

No matter it is our pure silver wire inductors, silver foil capacitors or ultra heavy bass coils - all these parts have been specifically built for TIDAL and are worth alone a fortune and cost often more than other so called high end loudspeakers. Whether the parts must be that expensive is a meaningless question for us and, for one thing, not one that should arise from budgetary restraints. Only the final result is what counts to us and considerations of cost do not enter into the equation.

That is why literally every component is scrutinously evaluated and selected on the understanding that it has be the one without alternative for its specific purpose. Then again, the prime quality of any single part does not allow to draw conclusions on the sonic superiority of the whole. Even the very best of parts cannot solve a poorly engineered topology problem when they are merely cobbled together. Since the parts itself is just one factor. The other factor is the thing one can not buy, nor one can hide behind 'superlatives': true engineering and uncopied knowledge.

So, yes, we can easily say with TIDAL we do use by fact the most extreme components for the most extreme crossover designs ever built for serial loudspeakers, such as 5 digit priced massive silver capacitors, unique combined with extensive research and development engineering. But we use it only as absolute necessity to create the most emotional results one can think of. It should not be difficult to confirm with one's own ears why a TIDAL speaker does not sound like anything on the market and why it has maybe only one real competitor: a very good seat in a live concert.