In the end of the day the musical signal needs to be connected to a binding post terminal, literally 'the entry door to the loudspeaker'. Therefore it is obvious that this is another detail TIDAL takes utmost care of. All our loudspeakers and electronics do have an unique pure silver binding post terminal. The complex construction of the connector itself is made out of a fibre-reinforced polymeric material to avoid any inductive electromagnetic field.
As the conductor itself we use pure silver - cryogenic treated and completely made out of one single piece - to guarantee the most little resistance and no loss nor change of the incoming music signal. The massive metal knobs itself are both hand polished and brushed aluminum over an isolating polymer core. With a super   thread one can connect and tighten the loudspeaker cables to it perfectly and can guarantee the highest possible damping factor.
So the terminal itself even in our smallest loudspeaker is already worth a small fortune and just another example for what makes the difference of a TIDAL masterpiece.