TIDAL at the RMAF show USA

TIDAL at the Capital Audio Fest, USA
1. September 2013
TIDAL at the Hanoi Audio Show 2013
1. November 2013

TIDAL at the RMAF show USA

The Absolute Sound / Jonathan Valin:

"Speaking of superb two-ways, …….TIDAL’s gorgeous two-way Piano Diacera floorstander….:  The sound was truly gorgeous, with Saint-Saëns' Danse Macabre simply phenomenal through the TIDALs and the Aurender/dCS source. This was another Best Sound of Show contender: extremely sweet string tone, superb depth and resolution, and fantastic bass for a two-way."

Best Sounding rooms "cost no object" 6moons.com:

“…True to TIDAL’s advertising, the coherence of these speakers is beyond reproach. It almost sound like a single driver, but better. The system had real purity of tones and an almost gilded loveliness to it. The decay of the piano on the Radka Toneff “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” cut seemed to go on forever. This was intoxicating sound.”


 STEREO Magazine (Germany) 

"...TIDAL Piano Diacera made a sound that pulled the listener literally into the music. The sound was super, one of the best of the whole show. Maybe Germany got the gold, silver and bronze medal at this show".