TIDAL Intra Reviewer’s Choice Award & review

Best of 2021 Award from Mono & Stereo
20. December 2021
“What is TIDAL for Bugatti? – that was the big question”
16. June 2022
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TIDAL Intra Reviewer’s Choice Award & review

"The TIDAL Audio Intra is going to be the new sonic high-water mark..."

"...First off, the way the TIDAL Audio Intra amplifies high-frequency waveform accelerations is unique to any other amps I’ve heard.... The TIDAL Audio Intra exhibited the cleanest, most hash-free high-frequency transients of any amp I’ve yet to hear. Zero glare–while simultaneously delivering a staggering level of detail and information that never feels decoupled from the core of a recording."
"Dynamically, the TIDAL Audio Intra is in a class of its own. It’s never jumpy or artificially exciting but effortless in the way it plays dynamic contacts, macro, and micro.I can’t say a whole lot about the midrange because once again, there is virtually nothing to say other than it’s perfect.".. "The low-end reproduction of the Intra was as deep and controlled as I’ve ever heard."

"So why is it the size of a TIDAL preamp? Brace yourselves for this little tidbit of info: IT’S CLASS-D!!! Whuuuut? That’s right. The TIDAL Audio Intra is TIDAL’s first standalone entry into the world of switching or Class-D amplifier topology...
Sometimes I can’t remember my kid’s birthdays. I definitely don’t remember what music I worked on last week. But I do remember where I was when we watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon and I’ll remember where I was the first time I heard Class-D NOT sound like Class-D: in Doug White’s demo room at CAF 2021, and confirmed a few days later in my home system.
Do you listen to music or listen to the gear? If you are an audiophile and primarily a music listener that either never had, or has grown past fetishizing the gear in a high-end system, the Intra could be your speaker’s new best friend. For astute listeners who demand the utmost in neutrality and transparency in a high-power amp without any sacrifice in musicality and emotional engagement."

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