T.H.E. Newport audio show

HIGHEND 2016 show press feedback
5. July 2016
TIDAL Contriva G2 in Audioart magazine
8. July 2016

T.H.E. Newport audio show

"TIDAL Audio is a serious, first-rank, world-class audio company, with top-notch electronics, speakers, and cables.... There was no doubt about it: this room had the magic touch! Definitely an Audio Oasis! Award winner."
(Dr. D. Robinson, Positivefeedback.com)

"Emotionally provocative, and addictive.... Thom Yorke’s voice was wailing at me with passion, and fury in-between the speakers. Ditto for the rest of the band. I felt like I could take a bite right out of the air, and rip off a piece of the performance. Crunch, slam, pound, caress, whisper, convulse. The big Contrivas never missed a beat. Indefatigable composure.". "Fit and finish to die for.".
(R. Arnott, Parttimeaudiophile.com)

"...Open, energetic, neutral, and finely detailed..."
(J. Valin, The Absolute Sound)

"...imaging and clarity were spectacular."
(H. Reichert, Stereophile)

"This room was far and away the best digital-only sounding room.... The sound was simply beautiful, and the speakers were very striking to look at as well."
(J. Roberts, Dagogo.com)