Review of the TIDAL Sunray
1. November 2011
TIDAL Contriva Diacera SE at the AXPONA Audio Show
1. March 2012


"....No matter how good or expensive this or any amplifier is, they all require a source to play from, and a good pair of loudspeakers to show off their remarkable harmonic prowess. I think they came very close to achieving this goal with the speakers they chose for this event. The TIDAL Piano Cera's are not cheap though they reside nearer the smallest and least expensive of what the company builds.

That said, I have visited their facility in the city of Cologne, Germany. It was here where I found its designer Jörn Janczak, used the same expensive parts internally as in their top-of-the-line $150k Sunrays. 
To me, that means a lot in terms of what one should come to expect from TIDAL and their least expensive pair of loudspeakers. 

As a result, I find the Piano Cera's to be among the most neutral sounding - yet full-bodied - loudspeakers to grace my listening space and as a result have officially used them as a reference in their price class (and am certain they perform way beyond their asking price)."

"The Constellation Audio value-oriented Performance components paired with the TIDAL Contriva Diacera loudspeakers reproduced some of the most sublime music at the show."

"Constellation Audio introduced its new “budget” line of electronics in the company of TIDAL’s gorgeous three-way, ceramic-and-diamond driver Contriva Diacera, and made the best sound I’ve ever heard from a TIDAL loudspeaker. ... dynamics and resolution of detail were simply superb."