AXPONA highend show 2016 – press feedback

Capitol Audio Fest 2015
1. July 2016
HIGHEND 2016 show press feedback
5. July 2016

AXPONA highend show 2016 – press feedback

"The TIDAL system consisted of the Presencio triple stack of electronics, consisting of the Linedeck, the Phonodeck, and the Powerdeck components, a pair of Impulse monoblocks, and a pair of the Agoria loudspeakers. It's an absolutely brilliant synergy, startling in its transparency, detail, and effortless dynamics.
Once again I heard the seamlessness of the 1.2" diamond tweeter, the ceramic mids, and the side-firing woofers... and once again I was powerfully moved by the magic of TIDAL. A definite Audio Oasis! Award here."
(Dr. D. Robinson, Positive Feedback online)

"Ya gotta love the depth and breadth of the TIDAL product portfolio and the results that can be realized. There is something to be said for system synergy and voicing from the same manufacturer. I found myself staying longer than I had planned and then returning when I had a few spare minutes before closing."
(R. Youman, Positive Feedback Online)

"In terms of raw sex appeal, an early winner from AXPONA featured a full set of electronics and loudspeakers from TIDAL Audio out of Germany. Pools of liquid ink have been captured and somehow suspended in semi-solid forms; casework with glittering chrome, and speakers that seem so dark that they pull at your eyes .... wow." "... the presentation and overall immersion was true and truly lovely." 
(S. Hull,

" ...If I awarded a prize for most beautiful sound of the show, this system would surely have won. Absolutely lovely, delicate, dark, smooth, and relaxed on Cassandra Wilson, The Nylons, The Fairfield Four-on everything, in fact-the Tidals also managed incredible resolution of detail, and this when sourced by a digital front end!" 
(J. Valin, The Absolute Sound)