Review of the TIDAL Piano Cera in the German magazin “Hifi-Stars”

Capitol Audio Fest 2011
1. September 2011
TIDAL was exhibiting at the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival: Piano Cera, Preos & Impact
1. October 2011

Review of the TIDAL Piano Cera in the German magazin “Hifi-Stars”

...The Piano Cera is not only a very musical loudspeaker, but the same time also an instrument to judge the quality of the recording itself. This means, if the musical content and expression itself is alright, then the TIDAL's will transport this to 100%, without hiding the flaws of the record.

... I lost myself in descriptions of music, even if this review is supposed to be about a loudspeaker, why is that? Well, this is the biggest compliment I can give any loudspeaker. It is all about the fun of music, and not only about "locating the triangle at tact 37, two meters behind the timpany-guy in perfect timing every second beat". And exactly for that is the Piano Cera the right musical instrument!

Don't forget: you can hear all details and for sure the mentioned triangle we talked about, you can locate it even to the millimeter, but the physical presence of the speaker itself is completely invisible and does stand completely behind the musical interpretation - this is the big strength of the TIDAL's. 

The owner of the Piano Cera will in most cases close the chapter "loudspeaker", because with its flexible room adaption for almost all rooms - whether small or bigger ones - this transducer let speak the music itself.

Dr. Frank Lechtenberg, Hifi-Stars