TIDAL Piano review and editors choice in “Soundstage Ultra”.

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29. June 2018
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19. October 2018

TIDAL Piano review and editors choice in “Soundstage Ultra”.

Review of TIDAL Piano. SoundstageUltra's Editor's choice.

"...seeing the results of the attention to detail and level of craftsmanship lavished on every part of this speaker, I began to understand the philosophy behind the design, construction, and execution of Tidal products: nothing less than perfection, cost be damned. The Piano G2 is, but also was part of the best sound I have ever heard in my listening room. Period. Gobsmacked again...[.] When I first learned that Tidal’s Piano G2 started at just under 40 grand, I was a bit skeptical -- that’s a lot of money for a 2.5-way speaker of somewhat limited low-end extension. But after examining the Piano G2 in person, understanding how it’s constructed, appreciating just how vast its materials costs are, learning that each pair of Piano G2s takes six weeks to build by hand -- and, last but not least, hearing how impressively these speakers perform within their specified frequency response.... -- any concerns regarding their value evaporated...[.]

On their website, Tidal quotes Scott Hull, of Part-Time Audiophile: “This is the Rolls Royce of High End Audio.” Having spent the last four months appreciating and understanding the sonic character of the Piano G2, I wholeheartedly agree. My time with these speakers has taught me that, while fully capable of communicating resolute bass, micro- and macrodynamics, effortless midrange articulation, and a wonderful sense of transparency, what the Piano G2s are really all about are body, balance, and ease.

But in terms of build quality, I must respectfully disagree with Scott Hull: The Piano G2 is less Rolls-Royce than Bugatti. I have never seen a pair of loudspeakers crafted with such artisanal care. Yes, they’re expensive....But, as with a Bugatti, what you pay $39,900 for is not the highest sound quality alone. You pay for a bespoke visual and aural experience by way of musical seduction, and Tidal’s Piano G2 has seduced me as has no other speaker."

Aron Garrecht, SoundstageUltra.com

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