TIDAL Piano reference review in “Music Emotion”.

TIDAL Audio GmbH does present its new brand: VIMBERG.
25. April 2018
TIDAL Piano review and editors choice in “Soundstage Ultra”.
1. July 2018

TIDAL Piano reference review in “Music Emotion”.

"Ultra high-end as standard"

The Dutch magazine "Music Emotion" wrote about the TIDAL Piano in a 7 pages review, here are some text examples from it:

"...they manufacture products that, besides being special and progressive, is similar to the cars from Rolls Royce or the watches from Patek Philippe in terms of quality. In other words what we have here is about the absolute top and a level and experience that is far above the grey middle from every day. In front of this test has fallen my choice on the 'entry model' Piano and even with that I already fall from one positive surprise to another...[.] ...The past 10 years I had a large number of loudspeakers here, big, small, fat and thin, ***** and the more expensive ones models of ***** , but no other brand and model until now reached up to the exquisite finishing level and choice of materials like these Tidal's.. [.]
What has happened is actually unbelievable, there is now the largest, most powerful and most credible 'fat' and play voluminous sound image what I have ever achieved and heard here!! You think then no longer focusing, 3D experience, neutrality or resolving power. This is just incredibly addictive...[.].
What a wonderful wolf in sheep's clothing is this Tidal Piano anyway and above all, also so pleasant and desirable other than direct competition. It plays from small, pure, pure and almost intimate, to 'normal', pleasantly balanced and credible and then even up to groundbreaking almost 'fat' but fully controlled bombast.
In addition to all this particular obedient pleasures, we must especially do not forget that these weatherers also visually at the most beautiful and most mature designs include those currently available on the market to be. Ultra high-end as standard and that is not an empty promise, I know now!"

Wener Ero, Music Emotion