TIDAL Audio GmbH does present its new brand: VIMBERG.

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2. April 2018
TIDAL Piano reference review in “Music Emotion”.
29. June 2018
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TIDAL Audio GmbH does present its new brand: VIMBERG.

Worldpremiere prelaunch of the new brand from TIDAL Audio GmbH: VIMBERG.

TIDAL has been a safe bet for the finest of the finest since almost two decades of audio history now. A constant show winner and reference with almost stubborn consistency in unique sound, finish and design. Being described as second to none, as an, or maybe the, Ultra High-End Brand. But we know there is a price for it to pay:  since there will never be a compromised TIDAL, there can never be a cheap TIDAL. Period. 
But - and this is a very bold but - we never said we would be not open minded to do something from scratch in a differrent way. So TIDAL proudly presents a new brand - VIMBERG.

Claiming VIMBERG would be the entry brand from us, would simplify things to easy. Way to easy. So since we could not have said it any better then Roy Gregory from "The Audiobeat" we recommend to check this out:

More about VIMBERG you could find here: