Exclusive review of TIDAL Prisma & TIDAL Ferios from “The Absolute Sound”

21. April 2020
10. August 2020
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Exclusive review of TIDAL Prisma & TIDAL Ferios from “The Absolute Sound”

TRANSPARENCY INCARNATE - cover story review of the  TIDAL Prisma & TIDAL Ferios

We do quote a couple of sentences from this 12 pages review:

"It’s become a cliché for high-end audio manufacturers to claim that their products are so transparent that they “faithfully communicate the artist’s expression.” Although many designers aspire to this lofty ideal (or proclaim to), very few actually realize electronics that are truly transparent, or as transparent as today’s components can be. To be sure, there are many great-sounding preamplifiers and power amplifiers, but all have a particular sonic signature. That signature could even be one area of sonic performance that stands out as being better than other aspects of the amplifier’s qualities. It’s not a bad thing, but it is a departure from neutrality, and one that defines the amplifier’s characteristic “sound". No electronics are perfectly transparent, but the new Prisma preamplifier and Ferios monoblock power amplifiers from Germany’s Tidal are, to my ears, about as transparent and uncolored as electronics get. Their disappearing act goes beyond the cliché of “faithfully communicating the artist’s expression”; they possess a vivid immediacy—convey a sense of hearing back through the playback system to the original musical event—that is striking. This quality, combined with the pair’s innovative circuit design, elaborate execution, and beautiful build-quality, place them in the upper echelon of today’s best electronics."

"The Tidal electronics had an utterly liquid, even sensual, rendering. The pair had a big, warm, and rich midrange that was the antithesis of clinical sterility. I didn’t perceive this as merely a pleasant coloration, but rather the absence of the bleaching of tonal color that many solid-state electronics exhibit. The Tidal pair’s resolution of musical information was simply astounding; the presentation was richly detailed and complex, with every musical line from each instrument is clearly presented. "

"The Prisma preamplifier and Ferios power amplifiers are among the best electronics I’ve heard. They combine a startling immediacy and transparency with a tonal beauty that simultaneously engages the head and the heart. Their resolution of individual instruments within complex arrangements was sensational."
(Robert Harley / The Absolute Sounds)

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