Exclusive review of TIDAL Prisma & TIDAL Ferios from “The Absolute Sound”
18. June 2020
“TIDAL stands at the very top of the industry…”
10. November 2020


"...it’s in a class that is reserved for the best of the best..."

We do quote a couple of sentences from the review:

"The sound was absolutely free of even the smallest amount of glare or glassiness. Any and all annoying extraneous texture – no matter how minute was magically buffed off of the music. All this smoove and expensive-sounding liquidity is coupled to a sense of detail and resolution of the tiniest fragments of sonic info (both tonal and dynamic). That kind of super-smooth yet mega detailed sound is a very powerful drug to those of us that fall prey to its grip.
....Then there are those rare components that seem to be essentially colorless but phenomenally pleasing in the way a recording is presented. Clean but not antiseptic. As an avowed vacuum tube and vinyl lover, the TIDAL Audio Prisma never came across in the slightest as dry or clinical sounding.
If an almost unmeasurable departure from perfect linearity is the design goal for achieving the most emotionally engaging listening enjoyment from a hi-fi component, the TIDAL Audio Prisma achieves that goal with the swag of Nate Robinson in an NBA slam dunk competition.
Plus it looks gorgeous. And it’s built to last a lifetime. WARNING: listening may be dangerous to your bank account and if you turn that volume knob it’s GAME OVER."

And the TIDAL Prisma is the first device getting the SUMMIT AWARD:

"The team talked about what to do with a product like the TIDAL Audio Prisma. In fact, it was so good, it exposed a rather large hole in our award system. But occasionally, we get a product in for review that not only amazes, it redefines for the review team what greatness means. What terms like “statement” and “reference” mean. Experiences like this reset the expectations for what is possible. These are, we believe, aspirational-level products. They’re likely not inexpensive — “End Game” products rarely are — and while that’s lamentable, that’s just life. Not everyone can afford a Bugatti — that’s why Corvettes exist–and one reason why we have a BEST VALUE award.
But for those products that aspire to greatness, for those products that open a door to vistas rarely seen, for those experiences that so far outstrip expectations that we were left speechless … well, we really had nothing. What we needed, clearly, was something different. A new award. We’re calling it the SUMMIT Award.
For us, that’s what the SUMMIT Award is all about. These products take you higher and reset the bar for what’s possible. Congratulations to TIDAL Audio."

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