5. April 2019

Always the latest impressions and photos of TIDAL at Instagram

TIDAL video's, sound samples and impressions

We just started to share the latest impressions and pictures of TIDAL in a quick and easy way at Instagram. Feel free to visit us at www.instagram.com/tidal.audio.

26. July 2019

TIDAL company report from FIDELITY magazine

TIDAL company report from FIDELITY magazine

Fidelity visited the TIDAL head quarter and wrote a report about their experience. Readers can enjoy thirteen pages of impressions in words and photos. The editorial of the magazine starts with:

"... there are events in life which do set things in a totally new light. Some weeks ago I had the pleasure to spent some hours with a system from the German manufacturer TIDAL. This system, just to say it out loud, completely blew me away and did let me forget really everything around me. Later I really thought quite some time about it why these moments are really rare… Sure the TIDAL system is a class of its own, nevertheless…“.

Please feel free to read the full article as PDF as download here, in GERMAN or in ENGLISH.

23. September 2019

TIDAL 20 Years Anniversary

TIDAL "20 Years Anniversary" edition's. And a whole new masterpiece.

TIDAL - twenty years of excellence. We are celebrating three words, describing all we did, all we do and all we will ever do: we build emotions. Period. Absolute. In every aspect. Embedded in our logo, embedded in our DNA. Appropriate to this celebration we launch very soon limited editions of the TIDAL Piano, TIDAL Contriva and the TIDAL La Assoluta. After the first and only limited edition we ever built, the sought after “Contriva TT” from 2010, this series of „20th Anniversary Edition“ will be something rare from us. And will stay rare. More about it coming soon.

And the best is yet to come: TIDAL will present as highlight and pinnacle of a success story started back then in May 1999 a new masterpiece. A game changer where we embedded all we know and everything we are all about. Something which does change the perception of high performance the same way as... well, we don’t want to say to much here, just: feel free to stay tuned.

2. October 2019

TIDAL Akira – Recommended Component 2019 from Stereophile

TIDAL "Recommended Component 2019" from Stereophile magazine

Maybe the highest praise legendary reviewer John Atkinson ever gave away was this following quote "...the Akiras are the
best-looking, best-built, best-sounding speakers I have had in my listening room". For the game changing TIDAL Akira. We have the pleasure to share it has been voted too as official 'Class A recommended component' (the highest rank) from Stereophile.

31. October 2019

TIDAL – Best Sound of Show

TIDAL - 2 x "Best sound of show" at Toronto Audiofest

Wynn Wong the owner of Wynn Audio always does things in grand style. I will never forget the sound of the millions dollar system that he put together for a Toronto audio show a few years ago. It was no different this time round. Acoustically, he had one of the best rooms at the Toronto Audiofest and he made sure that the superb system that he assembled for it was perfectly dialed in. If I had to choose one room at this Show to spend a whole day in, it would be this room.
I used to play the piano for a rock band and I have a great mental reference of what a piano sound like in a live setting. Wynn's system reproduced a beautiful piano sonata with such incredible realism and presence; it took my breath away. Female vocals were also rendered with such body and emotion; it gave me goose bumps. It was an easy decision to give Wynn Wong's room my vote for "Best Sound of the Show" for a second year in a row.
(PositiveFeedback.com, M. Golmes)

"Wynn’s 2-channel system had a relaxed, organic, and natural sound that was a joy to listen to. THIS is the sound quality that all serious audiophiles with stereo rigs dream of hearing. Wynn Audio’s careful component matching, speaker selection, and expertise at room tuning is what made their room sound so special. Wynn achieved the best sound that I heard at TAF 2019."
(Novopress.com, D. Brown)

27. February 2020

TIDAL Akira in Audiotechnique magazine

Exclusive review of the TIDAL Akira

The TIDAL Akira is not only cover queen of Audiotechnique magazine issue February 2020, it is also the new reference speaker of the magazine's editor in chief (Lincoln Cheng). 

TIDAL Akira video (in Chinese language)


21. April 2020


Another award for the TIDAL Akira...

The TIDAL Akira won the SUPERIOR award for the best loudspeaker in the category ‘Absolute Fidelity’ of FIDELITY magazine, Germany's leading highend audio magazine.

We quote: “What a speaker, what a system! We were allowed to listen to the second top of the line model in the official demo room of TIDAL, with its outstanding acoustics and finely selected electronics - an experience which touches us and still gives us goose bumps still one year later. The Akira portrays a huge stage, has perfect tonality, balanced into the smallest detail and gives one the impression that their sonic waves effect our senses directly. Almost impossible to beat this system in exclusivity.”

Link to FIDELITY magazine

18. June 2020

Exclusive review of TIDAL Prisma & TIDAL Ferios from “The Absolute Sound”

TRANSPARENCY INCARNATE - cover story review of the  TIDAL Prisma & TIDAL Ferios

We do quote a couple of sentences from this 12 pages review:

"It’s become a cliché for high-end audio manufacturers to claim that their products are so transparent that they “faithfully communicate the artist’s expression.” Although many designers aspire to this lofty ideal (or proclaim to), very few actually realize electronics that are truly transparent, or as transparent as today’s components can be. To be sure, there are many great-sounding preamplifiers and power amplifiers, but all have a particular sonic signature. That signature could even be one area of sonic performance that stands out as being better than other aspects of the amplifier’s qualities. It’s not a bad thing, but it is a departure from neutrality, and one that defines the amplifier’s characteristic “sound". No electronics are perfectly transparent, but the new Prisma preamplifier and Ferios monoblock power amplifiers from Germany’s Tidal are, to my ears, about as transparent and uncolored as electronics get. Their disappearing act goes beyond the cliché of “faithfully communicating the artist’s expression”; they possess a vivid immediacy—convey a sense of hearing back through the playback system to the original musical event—that is striking. This quality, combined with the pair’s innovative circuit design, elaborate execution, and beautiful build-quality, place them in the upper echelon of today’s best electronics."

"The Tidal electronics had an utterly liquid, even sensual, rendering. The pair had a big, warm, and rich midrange that was the antithesis of clinical sterility. I didn’t perceive this as merely a pleasant coloration, but rather the absence of the bleaching of tonal color that many solid-state electronics exhibit. The Tidal pair’s resolution of musical information was simply astounding; the presentation was richly detailed and complex, with every musical line from each instrument is clearly presented. "

"The Prisma preamplifier and Ferios power amplifiers are among the best electronics I’ve heard. They combine a startling immediacy and transparency with a tonal beauty that simultaneously engages the head and the heart. Their resolution of individual instruments within complex arrangements was sensational."
(Robert Harley / The Absolute Sounds)

Please find link here

10. August 2020


"...it’s in a class that is reserved for the best of the best..."

We do quote a couple of sentences from the review:

"The sound was absolutely free of even the smallest amount of glare or glassiness. Any and all annoying extraneous texture – no matter how minute was magically buffed off of the music. All this smoove and expensive-sounding liquidity is coupled to a sense of detail and resolution of the tiniest fragments of sonic info (both tonal and dynamic). That kind of super-smooth yet mega detailed sound is a very powerful drug to those of us that fall prey to its grip.
....Then there are those rare components that seem to be essentially colorless but phenomenally pleasing in the way a recording is presented. Clean but not antiseptic. As an avowed vacuum tube and vinyl lover, the TIDAL Audio Prisma never came across in the slightest as dry or clinical sounding.
If an almost unmeasurable departure from perfect linearity is the design goal for achieving the most emotionally engaging listening enjoyment from a hi-fi component, the TIDAL Audio Prisma achieves that goal with the swag of Nate Robinson in an NBA slam dunk competition.
Plus it looks gorgeous. And it’s built to last a lifetime. WARNING: listening may be dangerous to your bank account and if you turn that volume knob it’s GAME OVER."

And the TIDAL Prisma is the first device getting the SUMMIT AWARD:

"The team talked about what to do with a product like the TIDAL Audio Prisma. In fact, it was so good, it exposed a rather large hole in our award system. But occasionally, we get a product in for review that not only amazes, it redefines for the review team what greatness means. What terms like “statement” and “reference” mean. Experiences like this reset the expectations for what is possible. These are, we believe, aspirational-level products. They’re likely not inexpensive — “End Game” products rarely are — and while that’s lamentable, that’s just life. Not everyone can afford a Bugatti — that’s why Corvettes exist–and one reason why we have a BEST VALUE award.
But for those products that aspire to greatness, for those products that open a door to vistas rarely seen, for those experiences that so far outstrip expectations that we were left speechless … well, we really had nothing. What we needed, clearly, was something different. A new award. We’re calling it the SUMMIT Award.
For us, that’s what the SUMMIT Award is all about. These products take you higher and reset the bar for what’s possible. Congratulations to TIDAL Audio."

Please find the link here

10. November 2020

“TIDAL stands at the very top of the industry…”

Soundstageultra wrote a article about loudspeakers for both luxury and performance

"But as exalted as all of these qualities are, they alone wouldn’t have gotten Tidal on my list. Tidal stands at the very top of the industry for its promise to perfect every detail, down to the most microscopic and seemingly least consequential. Their build and finish qualities, inside and outside the speaker, are the best I’ve seen on any audio product of any type.
No part of a Tidal product is less important than any other part -- that’s not the Tidal way. Their top model is the La Assoluta ($625,000/pair). This 1069-pound jewel must be seen in the flesh to be believed. The same could be said of its little brother, the Akira ($255,000/pr.). I could go on and on -- suffice it to say that you probably haven’t seen what’s possible in precision loudspeaker design and manufacture until you’ve been in the presence of a Tidal loudspeaker."

Please find the link here