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2. September 2022

‘Golden Ear Award 2022’ from ‘The Absolute Sound’ for TIDAL Ferios

GOLDEN EAR AWARD 2022 from The Absolute Sound

The TIDAL Ferios mono block power amplifier has won third year in a row the 2022 Golden Ear Award 2022.

16. June 2022

“What is TIDAL for Bugatti? – that was the big question”

TIDAL for Bugatti / High End 2022

"What is TIDAL for Bugatti? That was the big question for us at Part-Time Audiophile when we first heard that TIDAL Audio of Germany would be coming out with a new line, TIDAL for Bugatti, which was inspired by that legendary automobile marque. Would audiophiles buy this? Or would these be products be purchased primarily by consumers who already had a Chiron and a Veyron in their climate-controlled garages?
Jorn Janczak of TIDAL Audio, of course, has a more nuanced answer. TIDAL for Bugatti isn’t just a TIDAL Audio speaker with that classic EB logo. It’s a significant advance in speaker design, with new technologies and new approaches, all based on Jorn’s insistence that these products are “everything I know, everything I love.”

Feel free to read more: Link to PTA Magazine

17. January 2022

TIDAL Intra Reviewer’s Choice Award & review

"The TIDAL Audio Intra is going to be the new sonic high-water mark..."

"...First off, the way the TIDAL Audio Intra amplifies high-frequency waveform accelerations is unique to any other amps I’ve heard.... The TIDAL Audio Intra exhibited the cleanest, most hash-free high-frequency transients of any amp I’ve yet to hear. Zero glare–while simultaneously delivering a staggering level of detail and information that never feels decoupled from the core of a recording."
"Dynamically, the TIDAL Audio Intra is in a class of its own. It’s never jumpy or artificially exciting but effortless in the way it plays dynamic contacts, macro, and micro.I can’t say a whole lot about the midrange because once again, there is virtually nothing to say other than it’s perfect.".. "The low-end reproduction of the Intra was as deep and controlled as I’ve ever heard."

"So why is it the size of a TIDAL preamp? Brace yourselves for this little tidbit of info: IT’S CLASS-D!!! Whuuuut? That’s right. The TIDAL Audio Intra is TIDAL’s first standalone entry into the world of switching or Class-D amplifier topology...
Sometimes I can’t remember my kid’s birthdays. I definitely don’t remember what music I worked on last week. But I do remember where I was when we watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon and I’ll remember where I was the first time I heard Class-D NOT sound like Class-D: in Doug White’s demo room at CAF 2021, and confirmed a few days later in my home system.
Do you listen to music or listen to the gear? If you are an audiophile and primarily a music listener that either never had, or has grown past fetishizing the gear in a high-end system, the Intra could be your speaker’s new best friend. For astute listeners who demand the utmost in neutrality and transparency in a high-power amp without any sacrifice in musicality and emotional engagement."

TIDAL Intra review link to Parttimeaudiophile.com

20. December 2021

Best of 2021 Award from Mono & Stereo

TIDAL Prisma, TIDAL Ferios and TIDAL Piano has received the Best of 2021 award. A golden triangle...

Link to Mono & Stereo

15. December 2021

Best of decade: TIDAL La Assoluta

The TIDAL La Assoluta has received the "Best out of 10 years" Award from Fidelity magazine.

Going hand in hand with the luxurious book "Best of 10 Years Fiedelity" the La Assoluta has been awarded as example of the best products written about in ten years.

"...Just to give you more of an idea of just what an exclusive luxury they are: Master craftsmanship is flaunted down to even the smallest feature, in a way only the best of the best can. In terms of quality and attention to detail, it just doesn’t get better than this. All this gives true connoisseurs a real sense of satisfaction."
Conclusion: “The perfect combination of technology, elegance and luxury. Pure unadulterated high fidelity. Audibly high-calibre (and high-carat) loud- speakers for the very wealthy. The real Callas of all loudspeakers ... Call the TIDAL La Assoluta whatever you’d like – and continue to dream."

6. October 2021

European Product Design Award for the TIDAL for BUGATTI “Royale”

The TIDAL for BUGATTI "Royale" has been awarded with the European Product Design Award 2021.

24. August 2021

Exclusive interview about the TIDAL for Bugatti project

In-depth interview with Matej Isak from MONO & STEREO about "TIDAL for Bugatti"

"...car people are car people, audiophiles are audiophiles. Other than bringing music into a car, there is little to combine or bring together. Just putting a famous logo onto a product from another category does not make the product any better or more desirable nor does it rub back onto the product to have a fancy halo around. Actually, this causes even the opposite to me and at least I would not want that either on my audio system, my watch, or my sunglasses.
Merchandising for a brand fan base in all fairness, but that hardly works on upper price levels on a wider scale, since mostly one wants the original thing then, and not something relabeled which has nothing to do with it. I believe things can only be extraordinary if cooperation captures both partners' DNA and then combining and transforming it into something new and exciting...
Working together with Bugatti created something how I always defined the grail in industrial design for me: a perfectly round loop out of a.) the only reason why it exists and b.) answering it with the only possible perfect execution for it. In that very ranking, wording and meaning."

Please find the link here: Interview about TIDAL for Bugatti

5. July 2021

“Best of the Best”-Award 2021 from world leading luxury magazine Robb Report

Best of the Best Award 2021 for the TIDAL for BUGATTI "Royale" from Robb Report magazine

"As you know, Robb Report is the leading voice in global luxury and this is our 33rd consecutive year recognizing and rewarding those who have stood apart from their peers for their exceptional craftsmanship, extraordinary attention to detail and relentless pursuit of perfection in their field. Your award for Best Loudspeaker is an excellent example of this: the Royale Series by Tidal for Bugatti is a technical powerhouse that elegantly evokes the automaker’s unique design language both past and present."

"Founded in Germany in 1999 by Jörn Janczak, TIDAL Audio produces components with a level of refinement that elevates them into the realm of artisanal objects capable of delivering otherworldly sound. Recently, the company collaborated with French hypercar maker Bugatti for the Royale loudspeaker, named for the rare 1926 Type 41 Royale, Ettore Bugatti’s maximalist vision of the ultimate luxury automobile, of which only six were produced. Despite the historic name, the nearly five-foot-tall Royale’s seductive curves and brilliant finish, embellished with jewel-like details in a variety of materials, evoke a modern Bugatti, and like those cars it can be heavily customized with carbon fiber, wood veneers, fabric, leather, polished stainless steel, dark aluminum and precious-metal surfaces."

4. July 2021

TIDAL for BUGATTI “Royale” installation at Bugatti headquarter

The TIDAL for BUGATTI "Royale" is coming home...

...What better place to display the finest masterpiece we have ever designed than in the impressive Bugatti remise in Bugatti headquarter in Molsheim, France. Installed and connected for visitors who design their Bugatti hypercar, the Royale offers an equally breathtaking experience in design, sound and finish. We couldn't be more honored and proud onto what we have achieved, seeing both logos co-branded there...

15. December 2020

TIDAL and Bugatti establish an exclusive cooperation.

TIDAL builds the Bugatti of audio. Literally.

TIDAL starts an exclusive cooperation with Bugatti. Yes, Bugatti. Both companies are united in a shared philosophy: to strive for perfection without limits in order to perform with exceptional design, effort and uncompromising spirit. The two companies, leading in their respective fields of exclusive luxury automotive design and premium audio systems, will set a new standard for home music systems – introducing ‘the BUGATTI of home audio’. The two companies will work to establish a new category of sound systems, underpinned by unrivalled exclusivity and high quality like no other.
The partnership between BUGATTI and TIDAL Audio begins with the “Royale” range of speakers that lead the way for luxury in the home audio sector. Technical avant-garde meets a passion for design, the perfect finish and outstanding results – with the visual promise of the breathtaking performance that follows.

The TIDAL for BUGATTI series is the pinnacle of our achievements and designed to be beyond we have ever done. The top of the pyramid in our portfolio.

Official Bugatti Website: TIDAL for BUGATTI

Link to Bugatti Royale page