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July 2017

TIDAL La Assoluta: cover queen of Germany’s leading audio magazine FIDELITY

FIDELITY covers a home story in 9 pages about the TIDAL La Assoluta, being the crown jewel in a clients system.

"...we were invited to report in depth and detail about the new TIDL La Assoluta, our cover queen of this issue. ...what we heard and saw just literally took our breath away."
C. Brockmann / FIDELITY

PDF Download, incl. interview with CEO Jörn Janczak (English language)

PDF Download, incl. interview with CEO Jörn Janczak (German language)

June 2017

TIDAL Contriva (with TIDAL Preos & TIDAL Impulse): Best Sound of Show at LAAS

The Absolute Sound: Best Sound of Show at the LAAS (Los Angeles Audio Show)

"Similar to the system shown at the Newport Show last year, it remains a full, rich listening experience with stunning timbre and tonal color. It just didn’t miss a beat."

Neil Gader / The Absolute Sound

May 2017

2 x Best Sound of Show for TIDAL at the Munich HIGHEND 2017


"...I played a variety of Tidal 16/44 tracks, and heard several high-res local files during the session, and experienced a linearity, transparency, effortlessness and cohesion to the sound from the Tidal system that left an indelible emotional connection to the music on me... I look forward to the next opportunity to spend time with components from Tidal, and this curated set-up was an example of the whole-system approach that Janczak is pursuing to define a vision of recorded playback that I think sets Tidal apart from the competition...
As with all Tidal gear, the fit, and finish is unrivalled in high-end audio, and exudes a level of quality, and commitment to beauty that has to be seen, and touched to be believed."

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"The Tidal Audio room that I wrote about previously was another sonic knockout of a calibre that is difficult to quantify even in the realm of the super high end of which there was no lack of at Munich. ...Again, this was a room of scale that is not easy to accurately describe unless you’ve had the chance to experience it in person. Making a recorded-playback system that realistically conveys the weight, physical presence, and human touch of a real performance is an incredibly difficult feat.
While the approach to this end is practically diametrically-opposed to the WE horn system I just described to you, the outcome has a similar effect on the listener: emotional connection to the recorded event. For this system’s ability to connect me to the music, and it’s stunning visual presence I’m awarding it Best In Show for Munich."

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"While many manufacturers talk about cost-no-object products, the physical details alone put La Assoluta in a different league."
R. Gregory/ The Audiobeat

"For the La Assoluta speaker, a true statement of grace and elegance, a full range speakers like few others, with reproduction qualities, fit and finish that only can be matched by its price."

"...who needs that kind of stuff, is what I am thinking before I enter the TIDAL room. One for sure: I don't. But five minutes in the sweet spot and I start thinking about concrete plans how to rob a bank! Because one thing for sure: without this perfectly lacquered transducer statement I don't want and can't live anymore.

...Driven with in-house electronics, TIDAL removed the border between "canned music" and the original. It had an extraordinary degree of authenticity. One could have quoted, that one is getting here to the end of the flagpole."
Ingo Schulz / FIDELITY

May 2017

TIDAL Akira system voted 6 x Best of Show at AXPONA from various magazines

The Absolute Sound:
'Best of Show' and 'Most Coveted Product'.

"...This fabulous system came closest to what I hear at home from the various LPs I brought to the show: gorgeous color, very deep well-defined bass, no added edge or sibilance in the treble, superb soundstaging and lifelike imaging, tremendous transient speed and dynamic range—a sound as smooth, lovely, and iridescent as shot silk. As I had nothing to critique, the Tidal rocketed to the top of my Best of Show contenders list...

I'm not sure what I can add to the Tidal Akira blurb, other than to say (as I did) that it came closest to the beauty, power, resolution, and fidelity to sources of my reference systems. Gorgeous timbre, lifelike texture, incredibly deep and well-defined bass, superior transient response, with no added edge or brightness. A very full-range, very transparent, very realistic sounding speaker with no obvious demerits, and therefore my pick for Best of Show."

"Best of Show (cost-no-object): TIDAL Akira with TIDAL electronics".
Most Coveted Product: TIDAL Akira."
Jonathan Valin / The Absolute Sound
"Most Coveted Product: TIDAL Akira."
Julie Mullin / The Absolute Sound
"Most Coveted Product: TIDAL Akira."
Andre Jennings / The Absolute Sound


Positive Feedback:
'Best of Show' & AUDIO OASIS AWARD

"A pristine Malcolm Arnold LP (Lyrita) sounded simply superb, with stable 3D imaging, broad and deep staging, and supple micro-dynamic precision. Tonality boasted classic TIDAL values — liquid finesse but superior instrumental traction as well... I commented to Doug that the Akira's were the finest sounding TIDAL's I had heard to date and he didn't try to argue the point. If you have the scratch, this baby will cure your itch. From minimally recorded classical to densely layered, highly processed pop and soul, the Akiras revealed all, but in a seductively inviting manner that drew one into the recording and the recorded space.
On cut after cut, the Akiras elicited from me that elusive "ah-ha" moment of clarity, that point in the performance where I felt I could genuinely divine the deeper intent of the musicians, recording engineer, and composer. Think of the Akiras as $219,000 time machines that defy the Laws of Physics by taking you back to the recorded event across multiple intersecting vectors. A stunning achievement (and my personal show favorite)!"
M. Jeffries  / Positive Feedback

...spectacular! Superb!
"...But AXPONA was the American debut of the new Akira loudspeaker, with its massive diamond tweeter and a driver array downshifted from the no-holds-barred Assoluta. The results were simply brilliant. The TIDAL Audio gear, with its supporting cast of players, produced a sound from any source that was truly crystalline in its transparency, effortless in its dynamics, and quite authoritative. I had loved the Agoria, but the Akira was clearly outpointing that lesser sibling. I had a new TIDAL love!
Dr. David Robinson  / Positive Feedback


Parttimeaudiophile: Best Sound of the Show, cost no object

"...This was one of those carefully curated, and holistic sound systems that benefits greatly from being designed to work together, from the pre-amplification, to the power amps, speakers, and even the cabling, this gear was all voiced from the TIDAL factory... Voices, and stringed instruments contained sinewy organic textures that recreated those subtle human cues which are capable of fooling one’s brain into believing there is not only a body present in the room creating the music, but a spirit too...
This was the two-channel room to beat... it showcased the capabilities of a manufacturer whose obsession with quality in design, materials, circuit concept, fit, finish, and musicality borders on the religious. "
Rafe Arnott / Parttimeaudiophile

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"In terms of the sound – it was simply magical with a hallmark transparency to die for. This speaker releases sound so effortlessly yet with solid impact and big time dynamics, outstanding delicacy and cohesive sound from the very deepest lows to the highest highs. Special features include a very special diamond midrange driver and tweeter.  These are proprietary drivers produced solely for Tidal by Accuton. Whether analog or digital as the source – the sound was always beautifully musical."
Bill Wells  / Stereotimes

April 2017

TIDAL at The Voice That Is ‘Part II’: a listening experience from Stereotimes

Stereotimes wrote about the TIDAL Akira:

"Over many, many years, I’ve had numerous opportunities to hear quite a few different speaker designs including some that were truly outstanding. This includes dynamic speakers, horns, planars, electrostatics, hybrids, other. My recent experience listening to the TIDAL Akira has been like none other and literally caused me to recalibrate my thinking. ....what was my impression of the new Akira speakers?
Truth be told, I was simply stunned by their sound. Or perhaps I should more accurately state – their lack of sound. What I heard was perhaps the least colored sound and stunningly beautiful, pure sound from a loudspeaker (and accompanying system) that I can recall ever having heard.
In fact, the so-called disappearing act was pulled off to the max with sound that came through with such a natural and dynamic way that it was easy to simply close my eyes and drift into audio nirvana. Additionally the sound was relaxed, silky smooth, loaded with intimate details with every little musical nuance being revealed.
There was simply no tension while listening to recorded music - just as it is when listening live. When called for – music also came through the system with as much verve, punch and drive to provide the impression of the real thing.
From my earlier experiences listening to various TIDAL speakers and particularly with this on-site visit, my sense is that the TIDAL Akira speakers excel beyond well beyond my expectations and are about as close to being perfect transducers as I’ve ever heard…..and trust me, I’ve heard plenty."   

Bill Wells, Stereotimes.com
Feel free to read more: The TIDAL experience at 'The Voice That Is'

March 2017

Stereophile visits TIDAL premium dealer The Voice That Is

Two video's: an Interview with Doug White from "The voice that is", Philadelphia based premium dealer for TIDAL in the US

This video is about the man behind "The voice that is" and his concept and understanding about music and highend:

A Conversation with Doug White (The Voice That Is) | Stereophile

Also feel free to see Doug White sharing his view about TIDAL with Herb Reichert und John Atkinson:

Doug White (The Voice That Is) on TIDAL Loudspeakers | Stereophile


January 2017

Best Performance of the Year 2017 Award for TIDAL Contriva G2

Best Performance of the Year Award for the TIDAL Contriva

Praised as one of the finest loudspeakers available the TIDAL Contriva received the "BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR AWARD" from the Taiwan magazine "AUDIO ART". Mr. Jack Liu, Editor in chief, handed out the award to Taiwan importer Mr. Jeff Lin.

December 2016

3 x BRUTUS 2016 Awards for TIDAL Agoria, TIDAL Presencio & TIDAL Monobloc

Positive Feedback BRUTUS Awards 2016 for right away 3 TIDAL masterpieces

"I wrote up my comments on the remarkable TIDAL Audio system that I heard in the first quarter of 2016 back in early November in this issue. They were quite a rave for this German company that takes elegance and authority to an incredible level. Check out my "Impressions" essay at the link above for details. It will tell you why TIDAL Audio took Brutus Awards from me, with delight. Additionally, the TIDAL Audio system takes one of two of my Circuitus Maximus Awards for 2016. These I give on an occasional basis when I have a system in that provides exceptional synergy. TIDAL Audio has it, for sure."

(Dr. David Robinson)

December 2016

Parttime Audiophile’s Most Coveted Product 2016: TIDAL Contriva

Voted as most coveted product 2016: the TIDAL Contriva

"I’m a fetishist when it comes to the high-end of audio playback devices. I love the very best sound that human beings are capable of offering through their technical, artistic, and manufacturing prowess. What I love, you may not, but that’s why these year-end lists are great, because we all get to gush about what we love best, and the piece of equipment I covet the most this year is the Tidal Contriva G2 loudspeaker. No matter what I heard them paired with at various shows this year, they just spoke to me. They made me emotional, they put off-balance, and kept me there with their innate musicality. Yes, they are expensive, but oh God, they are worth every penny to me."

(Rafe Arnott)

November 2016

TIDAL system review from Positive-Feedback

Impressions:  A Reference System from TIDAL Audio

"Having said that, I conclude that TIDAL Audio’s Presencio reference electronics, the Impulse Monobloc amps, and the Agoria loudspeakers, stand quite clearly as true first-rank and world-class performers. They are exemplary in their outstanding seamless synergy, and produced audio excellence of the first order...
TIDAL has produced a system of supreme elegance, with fit and finish that I’ve not seen bettered by any other company. Certainly the stylishness of appearance and the sense of grace is supreme. Though TIDAL has a handful of finishes, the piano black finish is the best that I can remember encountering. Just to lightly stroke the finish of the Agoria is silk and passion all at once…love at first touch. My highest compliments to the production team at TIDAL:  This is brilliant work!...
No matter how demanding the sources were that I used with this system, TIDAL responded with immense resolution, solid-as-a-rock reliability, and complete authority of presentation in our room. This is a splendid result, one that merits my highest praise for the TIDAL designs here. I can tell you that I truly regretted the departure of TIDAL; it was a reference experience, without a doubt... And if you have the budget to swim in these rarified financial waters, then you simply must put the TIDAL Presencio stack/Impuse Monoblocs/Agoria loudspeakers on your very short list of top-o’-the-heap alternatives. They are exceptional in every way, and carry my very highest recommendation, with a great deal of enthusiasm."

(Dr. David Robinson, http://positive-feedback.com/audio-discourse/impressions-reference-system-tidal-audio/)