August 2016

WYNN Audio TIDAL event in Vancouver


"...I have to say, it was a sound that confounds conventional descriptions that I’m comfortable using to relate my listening experience. The sound induced a wholly transcendental, meditative state...
...while I’m shying away from the technical prowess of this system because it elicited such a deep, and provocative emotional response from me, I will say that the depth, and power on tap here delivered such startling clarity, and undeniable headroom in its sound, that the feeling of effortlessness each note was imbued with was intoxicating to experience. Put another way, Tidal gear forgoes any imposition of character to the sound... It was impossible to not be caught up in the performance because the Tidal gear had the room awash in cello. The sound was massive. Like rough-hewn, creaking, deck timbers on a three-masted ship-of-the-line. It was if the air itself was flexing, and heaving while the boat struggled through a storm surge to make for deeper water, and safety.
Listening to gear with this level of swelling emotional weight to its presentation is almost exhausting because of its impact on those parts of our sum that are most delicate, and can betray that which we might normally hide from the public, perhaps even our friends, and family: the heart, the soul, the deep, hidden pools of feelings, and slow-moving undercurrents of fear, regret, longing, passion… this level of playback can dangerously expose those secrets like a yawing pit.  You cannot help but be completely drawn in to every nuance by this level of absolute visceral, organic musicality.
This is obviously not a system for everyone, and I mean that on multiple levels. Not everyone can afford it, and not everyone wants to be opened up without pause by musical playback. But for those few seeking the ultimate emotional engagement in their listening experience, the system put together by Ku, and Wong offers a glimpse into traveling through what I would consider uncharted music-playback territory.
Too many audiophiles (in my experience) navigate these often confusing high-fidelity waters without a map, or even a true destination. And, I’m not talking about the journey of the gear that many of us find ourselves on, rather I’m speaking of the journey of the deeply complex, and often flawed, vulnerable human being that exists inside us all."

(Rafe Arnott,

August 2016



"...These speakers are warm, full-of-life, and breathtakingly rich in their sound, with a level of detail I’ve not heard outside of headphones. And the sound of a Tidal speaker is entirely in keeping with the elegance and style of the package that the sound comes wrapped it — quite simply, it’s stunning.
I will offer that there’s a couple of things to keep in mind about Tidal speakers. One, they’re nowhere in the neighborhood of cheap. Don’t bother calling any dealer and expect to get an Amazon “deal-of-the-day”. One look at the speaker will tell you why that is — that finish is crazy. That’s not hours worth of labor, pulling that level of luster off of that natural wood veneer, that’s weeks. There really is nothing that looks like this on the market today — anywhere. And when they say “piano black”, just be aware that piano makers have never seen this finish before. Trust me on this one...
The Tidal electronics (this is one of those brands that can cover you, soup-to-nuts, if you like) match, naturally, their speakers — well, at least assuming you don’t opt for the veneer — the black on the chassis looks like liquid (it’s a nightmare to photograph), accented by brightly polished silver trim. The knob on the Preos-D preamplifier (which comes with a phono and a DAC) is an unexpected delight — and yes, it’s worth a separate comment all on its own. Assuming you’d dare to turn it — it’s brightly polished silver, so, think “fingerprint magnet”, which is probably why you’ll be using that remote — but when you do, it’s solid, smooth-to-the-turn, and just quietly shouts “quality” at you in that same way that a butler just never would. And best of all, at the other end of that knob is one of the most sophisticated mechanically-isolated digitally-specified-but-fully-analog resistor-arrays that I've come across. WANT."

(Scott Hull,

July 2016

TIDAL now present in Dubai, United Arab Emirates


TIDAL proudly announces the establishment of our fully owned Dubai representation as a response to our increasing customer needs in the Middle East and Africa. Dubai as a well-known center of gravity for superlatives and luxury is a perfect location to serve our prestigious customers in the United Arab Emirates & all other GCC countries offering in addition an unique operation positioning to service our clients in fast growing African territories.

“We are extremely excited about the fact, to now be in the position to quickly respond to our customers’ needs within the same time zone, working week and location…” mentions Joern Janczak, CEO & Founder of TIDAL and Dr. Marcus Schumacher, TIDAL Middle East and Africa adds that “…we see the establishment of TIDAL's Dubai representation, as strategic position to further expand TIDAL's future focus on our prestigious customers towards fast growing India and other adjacent white space Asian territories where TIDAL has not been present till date”.

For further information please feel free to contact us.

July 2016

TIDAL PIANO G2 – reference review

TIDAL PIANO G2 is being reviewed in STEREO SOUND magazine Japan

Our smallest speaker and entry into the world of TIDAL high end audio, the classic PIANO G2 has received the highest praise as reviewed "EXCITING COMPONENT", the quotes and conclusion:

"While providing a huge amount of information, it delivers an extremely transparent and highly refined sound... The piano finish is so outstanding, that you can see how much effort and cost must have been dedicated even before you listen to the sound... Its high-resolution and high-contrast sound is at the highest level in the high end domain of today."

June 2016

Lotus Hifi brings TIDAL to the UK

TIDAL masterpieces are the first time available in the UK now:

"After several years of planning and investment, LOTUS HIFI is extremely proud and excited to mark a significant turning point in the history of UK Highend Audio. TIDAL AUDIO is an industry Holy Grail, a true Luxury brand, endlessley authentic and overflowing with pedigree. Their  single-mindedness, uncompromising philosophy and ridiculously high manufacturing standards have never once faltered. Glare in bewilderment at the outside or the inside of these masterpieces and it’s hard to decide which is the more extraordinary. Every TIDAL over delivers on all counts. Every TIDAL is perfected without compromise. Every TIDAL is crafted with a finish and an attention to detail which is rarely observed not just in Home Audio industry but across the entire consumer marketplace.
The TIDAL sonic approach is perhaps easier to put into words. In the designer’s own phrasing, “a pure glass of water”, “one hundred percent transparency, zero percent colouration”. Put another way, a TIDAL imposes no sonic signature on the music and all the usual audiophile language is therefore largely moot. With a TIDAL you get absolute invisibility and the only thing that is left is the real thing. I will only briefly impress upon you that it is indeed something truly magical and most likely quite different to anything you may have heard before.
Whilst the flagship TIDAL system will cost you a cool £1,000,000, it cannot be stressed enough just how high performing the entry level products are and what  incredible value for money they represent. I urge you to investigate my TIDAL BLOG to understand more about this exquisite marque. The enriched, illimitable, extreme world of TIDAL is not something one should engage with lightly. The inherent passion and love, the fanatical attention to detail and the remarkable technology behind this company should be digested and appreciated at a slow contemplative pace."


June 2016

TIDAL Contriva G2 in Audioart magazine

AudioArt headline: "The dream will never forget the beauty of its sound"

TIDAL Contriva G2 has been reviewed in AudioArt magazine, result: all 'full points' and a perfectly balanced testing reproduction in all aspects a speaker can reproduce.

June 2016

T.H.E. Newport audio show

"TIDAL Audio is a serious, first-rank, world-class audio company, with top-notch electronics, speakers, and cables.... There was no doubt about it: this room had the magic touch! Definitely an Audio Oasis! Award winner."
(Dr. D. Robinson,

"Emotionally provocative, and addictive.... Thom Yorke’s voice was wailing at me with passion, and fury in-between the speakers. Ditto for the rest of the band. I felt like I could take a bite right out of the air, and rip off a piece of the performance. Crunch, slam, pound, caress, whisper, convulse. The big Contrivas never missed a beat. Indefatigable composure.". "Fit and finish to die for.".
(R. Arnott,

"...Open, energetic, neutral, and finely detailed..."
(J. Valin, The Absolute Sound)

"...imaging and clarity were spectacular."
(H. Reichert, Stereophile)

"This room was far and away the best digital-only sounding room.... The sound was simply beautiful, and the speakers were very striking to look at as well."
(J. Roberts,

Mai 2016

HIGHEND 2016 show press feedback

"The gorgeous-to-behold three-way Tidal Akiras (which use a 5” diamond midrange driver—the largest diaphragm made out of diamond that Accuton builds), driven by Tidal electronics, were also wonderful in (alas) a relatively rare all-digital room.
Dark and rich in timbre with superb power range weight and color, sweet treble, and outstanding transient response, the Akiras sounded exceptionally beautiful, exciting, and high in resolution. They always do." (J. Valin, The Absolute Sound)

"I’ve said before that that the Tidal line — the entire line (they sell electronics as well as speakers) — are not for the faint of heart and wallet. There’s absolutely no apology being made for their expense. This is the Rolls Royce of high-end audio, the Jaeger LeCoultre of watchmaking. Is there better? Is there more expensive? If you’re buying at this level, you know that these aren’t the questions that matter. At this level, it’s more about fit — that is, does this fit you? Because whatever else there is, that “else” just isn’t Tidal.
Take the finish. It’s … beyond. You can see that I’m slipping into the poetic here; but the point is, that’s the point. It’s really hard to just say “the fit and finish is taken to the highest level” and have that actually convey how truly elevated these products look. 
This isn’t what you’d find in Donald Trump’s office. You need elegance and class for stuff like this. I’m thinking more Blofeld. Or maybe Hannibal Lector. There’s a latent sense of menace lurking in this gear, and one that isn’t easily dispelled. No, for that, you have to turn it on and then turn it up. But that’s the problem, see. Because then, you are undone. And as your brain begins to happily melt, you’ll forgive the weapon of your destruction. Because you are only human. And weak. And as you end, you’ll weep softly in joy, knowing that this was meant for Gods..." (S. Hull,

April 2016

AXPONA highend show 2016 – press feedback

"The TIDAL system consisted of the Presencio triple stack of electronics, consisting of the Linedeck, the Phonodeck, and the Powerdeck components, a pair of Impulse monoblocks, and a pair of the Agoria loudspeakers. It's an absolutely brilliant synergy, startling in its transparency, detail, and effortless dynamics.
Once again I heard the seamlessness of the 1.2" diamond tweeter, the ceramic mids, and the side-firing woofers... and once again I was powerfully moved by the magic of TIDAL. A definite Audio Oasis! Award here."
(Dr. D. Robinson, Positive Feedback online)

"Ya gotta love the depth and breadth of the TIDAL product portfolio and the results that can be realized. There is something to be said for system synergy and voicing from the same manufacturer. I found myself staying longer than I had planned and then returning when I had a few spare minutes before closing."
(R. Youman, Positive Feedback Online)

"In terms of raw sex appeal, an early winner from AXPONA featured a full set of electronics and loudspeakers from TIDAL Audio out of Germany. Pools of liquid ink have been captured and somehow suspended in semi-solid forms; casework with glittering chrome, and speakers that seem so dark that they pull at your eyes .... wow." "... the presentation and overall immersion was true and truly lovely." 
(S. Hull,

" ...If I awarded a prize for most beautiful sound of the show, this system would surely have won. Absolutely lovely, delicate, dark, smooth, and relaxed on Cassandra Wilson, The Nylons, The Fairfield Four-on everything, in fact-the Tidals also managed incredible resolution of detail, and this when sourced by a digital front end!" 
(J. Valin, The Absolute Sound)

August 2015

Capitol Audio Fest 2015

"What did I hear? I’ll cut to the chase — this room was my first vote for Best-In-Show. Bass was d-e-e-e-e-p, in exactly that kind of way you want a good sub to sound, natural without discontinuity. Detail retrieval was (as expected) among some of the very best-in-class, without feeling sterile or brittle. Backgrounds matched the finish on the speakers, which is to say, blacker-than-black.

Overall, the sound was delicate and bombastic, by turns. Brian was playing some tracks from Channel Classics and Chandos while I was there, and I’m pretty sure he said there were dynamic swings of close to 30dB. If so, I believe it. Walking around, distracted by taking pictures, I nearly jumped out of my skin several times."
(Scott Hull,