June 2018

TIDAL Piano reference review in “Music Emotion”.

"Ultra high-end as standard"

The Dutch magazine "Music Emotion" wrote about the TIDAL Piano in a 7 pages review, here are some text examples from it:

"...they manufacture products that, besides being special and progressive, is similar to the cars from Rolls Royce or the watches from Patek Philippe in terms of quality. In other words what we have here is about the absolute top and a level and experience that is far above the grey middle from every day. In front of this test has fallen my choice on the 'entry model' Piano and even with that I already fall from one positive surprise to another...[.] ...The past 10 years I had a large number of loudspeakers here, big, small, fat and thin, ***** and the more expensive ones models of ***** , but no other brand and model until now reached up to the exquisite finishing level and choice of materials like these Tidal's.. [.]
What has happened is actually unbelievable, there is now the largest, most powerful and most credible 'fat' and play voluminous sound image what I have ever achieved and heard here!! You think then no longer focusing, 3D experience, neutrality or resolving power. This is just incredibly addictive...[.].
What a wonderful wolf in sheep's clothing is this Tidal Piano anyway and above all, also so pleasant and desirable other than direct competition. It plays from small, pure, pure and almost intimate, to 'normal', pleasantly balanced and credible and then even up to groundbreaking almost 'fat' but fully controlled bombast.
In addition to all this particular obedient pleasures, we must especially do not forget that these weatherers also visually at the most beautiful and most mature designs include those currently available on the market to be. Ultra high-end as standard and that is not an empty promise, I know now!"

Wener Ero, Music Emotion

May 2018

TIDAL Audio GmbH does present its new brand: VIMBERG.

Worldpremiere prelaunch of the new brand from TIDAL Audio GmbH: VIMBERG.

TIDAL has been a safe bet for the finest of the finest since almost two decades of audio history now. A constant show winner and reference with almost stubborn consistency in unique sound, finish and design. Being described as second to none, as an, or maybe the, Ultra High-End Brand. But we know there is a price for it to pay:  since there will never be a compromised TIDAL, there can never be a cheap TIDAL. Period. 
But - and this is a very bold but - we never said we would be not open minded to do something from scratch in a differrent way. So TIDAL proudly presents a new brand - VIMBERG.

Claiming VIMBERG would be the entry brand from us, would simplify things to easy. Way to easy. So since we could not have said it any better then Roy Gregory from "The Audiobeat" we recommend to check this out:

More about VIMBERG you could find here:

March 2018

TIDAL “La Assoluta” wins the FIDELITY Award 2018 in the category “Superior / Innovation”

FIDELITY award 2018 "INNOVATION - SUPERIOR class" for the TIDAL LA Assoluta 

"An encounter with the TIDAL La Assoluta is impressive, again and again. The pure physical facts alone of this huge speaker with a weight over half a ton is the reason for many comments. Also the pair price like a fully loaded Rolls Royce is something, but the finish is on par with that just out of this world. But this FIDELITY award is for a real innovation in this case: not only the tweeter, also the midrange woofer diaphragms are made out of diamond.
The consequence of hunting for the most realistic sound free of compromises of TIDAL deepley impressed us. Not a single part of the super speaker La Assoluta is of the shelve. But not only technically this speaker embodies the current state of the art of what is possible, also in terms of craftsmenship and design the La Assoluta is an unique reference."

January 2018

TIDAL’s company story in the book “WHO IS WHO in HIGH FIDELITY”

FIDELITY just launched the book "Who is Who in Hifi, Pt. 2".
A whopping 460 pages book telling the stories behind the curtain of audio companies. Both in English and German language.

"...the more we discover about the faces and stories behind the products, the more curious we become to meet the people who are responsible for them, whether it’s at the workbench, in the acoustics lab, on the drawing board, or behind the sales counter.
You only need to take a close look at the rigorous quality standards governing the work of companies like Accuphase, TIDAL or Wilson Audio to understand why their products are among the finest in the world sound-wise, and why you can’t purchase them for any less money."

Please feel free to read the PDF version (English/German).

Link to the FIDELITY book shop to get the complete book.

December 2017

Best Value of the Year Award & Product of the Year.

Best Value of the Year Award

We have to be honest: we are spoiled with awards and praise from all over the world. Being established as premium brand, building audio masterpieces in the super territory, we feel honored to see our smallest masterpiece - the classic TIDAL Piano - being awarded as best value of the year 2018.

Since the first day of our history we never defined things by price - never defended it, nor explained it. Prices more than often contains lots of air and lack solid explanation. TIDAL is often viewed as an expensive product, yes, but only as the most consequent definition of a very simple meaning: you get what you pay for. Therefore we are very happy with this special award since it also represents our worldwide success through happy clients ending their search for the ultimate audio experience.

Parttimeaudiophile, Best Hifi Gear 2017: TIDAL Camira

"This DAC manages a sense of ease that’s rare in digital reproduction. An analog lover’s object of desire.".

Dr. P. Karavitis / Parttimeaudiophile.com

November 2017

Top review of TIDAL Piano from AUDIOART magazine.

"Flagship heart": highest possible praise in this review for the TIDAL Piano, AUDIOART magazine Taiwan

"Conclusion: Listen to the TIDAL speakers. It is a super monitor to show up everything. Never doubt that this is a super race car: when you can fully control it, the TIDAL Piano will let you have the pleasure experience of the perfect drive, but also it let you feel the ultimate music infection.  The Piano is the core of all TIDAL speaker designs, but also the ultimate reflector of music."

Perfectly balanced in all aspects, and most possible points in all test criteria: TIDAL Piano.

October 2017

US premiere at the RMAF 2017: Camira DMC™, Ferios & Reference cable series. 5 x Best of Show.

AUDIOPHILIA votes TIDAL system as Best of RMAF 2017

Best? An easy choice this year, and agreed upon by the three of us. The room featuring TIDAL Audio, the Cologne, Germany-based company that manufactures exceptional speakers and electronics. The system cost almost half a million dollars. It should be wonderful and it was and much more.
The three of us at different times were musically gobsmacked. The damn system almost ruined the rest of the show for us. Yes, that insanely good. Never heard better in my 20 years with Audiophilia. The room was set up by Doug White of The Voice That Is. Great job!"

THE ABSOLUTE SOUND: Best Sound (Cost No Object)

"Doug White and The Voice That Is always features systems in the top sonic ranks and RMAF was no exception. Doug premiered the TIDAL Audio Ferios amplifiers  in a mostly all-TIDAL system with its Akira speakers, Presencio Reference Preamplifier, Camira Digital Music Converter, and Tidal Reference Cables.
The Ferios monos offer plenty of power reserves with an all new 1.600 VA power supply, 300 watts/channel into 8 ohms, pure silver hollow conductor EMI transformers, TIDAL’s proprietary amplifier protection management system, hand-selected and matched transistors, etc. Johnny Hartman’s voice was palpable, natural, and realistic — it felt like he was in the room, and the TIDAL Ferios seemed to have unlimited power with explosive dynamics and fine detail retrieval."
Jim Hannon / The Absolute Sound


The Voice That Is showed what was arguably the most expensive system at RMAF: fortunately it was also the best sounding. The Akira speakers that so impressed in a large room at the Munich show two years ago were this time deployed to equally impressive musical effect in a hotel bedroom. This might have been a single seat, single source set up, but sit in that hot seat, play a record and the system, the room and the end wall simply disappeared. If you ever wondered what a time and space machine might cost, the answer is around half a million dollars!
Roy Gregory / HiFi PLUS


"There’s a reason Scot Hull calls Tidal gear “The Rolls Royce of high-end audio,” it’s because it’s big, glossy, built by hand to last for generations, and offers a level of performance, fit, and finish that many competitors cannot match. Some will balk at the price, and say things like “It better sound good for that money… etc.” But again, I go back to the Rolls analogy, and must emphasize that IMO you’re getting what you pay for: Some of the very best sound available on the planet regardless of price. Any price.
This isn’t a system to listen to if your goal is to fault it, because honestly it’s nearly impossible to do that. White has curated an incredibly impressive sound system, and with every show he brings it to he only confirms what I felt when I heard it for the first time: Emotion. It triggers a deeply emotional response from me, and I honestly can’t ask any gear to do more than that. I encourage everyone who is able to visit White’s showroom, and book a listening session for themselves.
I can talk about rock-solid, and subterranean bass, delicate, liquid treble extension, and a midrange that perfectly captures every nuance of a vocalist’s range – how I can hear the lyrics emanating more from their chest, and not their throat – but all this is taken as hyperbole by many until you’ve had a chance to experience it for yourself."
Rafe Arnott, Parttimeaudiophile.com
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"Let's start right away with the perfect rooms, which we would give 100 of 100 points. Two rooms involved W***** speakers. At the same top level with an even more crystal clear reproduction was TIDAL Audio. The German manufacturer introduced their whole chain with Camira, Ferios, Presencio and of course their in-house reference cables. The hint 'more' over the others obviously came from the all pulled thru chain synergy. The 4th best room was V*****, but offerred less grip in comparison to the W***** and TIDAL Akira."
Ingo Schulz / FIDELITY

AUDIOBACON.com / Best Sounds of show

"Tidal Akira paired with their electronics, it was easily one of the most liquid and emotive setups at the show. It was hard to believe everything was played off digital sources."


"This was one of the systems that would definitely be in the running for best in the show if you were looking for a really open and revealing system. Without a doubt some of the very best sound at RMAF this year."


"TIDAL has been making a lot of fuss among audio writers for quite some time now, and credit where it’s due, the exhibits are to blame. Consistently show stopping sound, no matter the venue, how can that be beat? With properly setup TIDAL system, you too can have one of the best experiences money can buy, but truth to bear, you gotta pony up.
If ever there was a “Brand of The Year” award, and for some reason my opinion mattered, I’d cast my vote for TIDAL."

July 2017

TIDAL La Assoluta: cover queen of Germany’s leading audio magazine FIDELITY

FIDELITY covers a home story in 9 pages about the TIDAL La Assoluta, being the crown jewel in a clients system.

"...we were invited to report in depth and detail about the new TIDL La Assoluta, our cover queen of this issue. ...what we heard and saw just literally took our breath away."
C. Brockmann / FIDELITY

PDF Download, incl. interview with CEO Jörn Janczak (English language)

PDF Download, incl. interview with CEO Jörn Janczak (German language)

June 2017

TIDAL Contriva (with TIDAL Preos & TIDAL Impulse): Best Sound of Show at LAAS

The Absolute Sound: Best Sound of Show at the LAAS (Los Angeles Audio Show)

"Similar to the system shown at the Newport Show last year, it remains a full, rich listening experience with stunning timbre and tonal color. It just didn’t miss a beat."

Neil Gader / The Absolute Sound

May 2017

2 x Best Sound of Show for TIDAL at the Munich HIGHEND 2017


"...I played a variety of Tidal 16/44 tracks, and heard several high-res local files during the session, and experienced a linearity, transparency, effortlessness and cohesion to the sound from the Tidal system that left an indelible emotional connection to the music on me... I look forward to the next opportunity to spend time with components from Tidal, and this curated set-up was an example of the whole-system approach that Janczak is pursuing to define a vision of recorded playback that I think sets Tidal apart from the competition...
As with all Tidal gear, the fit, and finish is unrivalled in high-end audio, and exudes a level of quality, and commitment to beauty that has to be seen, and touched to be believed."

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"The Tidal Audio room that I wrote about previously was another sonic knockout of a calibre that is difficult to quantify even in the realm of the super high end of which there was no lack of at Munich. ...Again, this was a room of scale that is not easy to accurately describe unless you’ve had the chance to experience it in person. Making a recorded-playback system that realistically conveys the weight, physical presence, and human touch of a real performance is an incredibly difficult feat.
While the approach to this end is practically diametrically-opposed to the WE horn system I just described to you, the outcome has a similar effect on the listener: emotional connection to the recorded event. For this system’s ability to connect me to the music, and it’s stunning visual presence I’m awarding it Best In Show for Munich."

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"While many manufacturers talk about cost-no-object products, the physical details alone put La Assoluta in a different league."
R. Gregory/ The Audiobeat

"For the La Assoluta speaker, a true statement of grace and elegance, a full range speakers like few others, with reproduction qualities, fit and finish that only can be matched by its price."

"...who needs that kind of stuff, is what I am thinking before I enter the TIDAL room. One for sure: I don't. But five minutes in the sweet spot and I start thinking about concrete plans how to rob a bank! Because one thing for sure: without this perfectly lacquered transducer statement I don't want and can't live anymore.

...Driven with in-house electronics, TIDAL removed the border between "canned music" and the original. It had an extraordinary degree of authenticity. One could have quoted, that one is getting here to the end of the flagpole."
Ingo Schulz / FIDELITY